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Want to Make Lots of Money Online? Sell THIS…

Some of you are going to dismiss this idea. You’ll think it’s strange. You’ll think I’m full of beans. But others will recognize this as one of the holy grails of online marketing. And those are the folks who will do really, really well online if they aren’t already. Because making money as an Internet marketer isn’t about selling products or services or clicks…

Want to Make Lots of Money Online? Sell THIS...


It’s about selling YOU.

Think about what you buy. Don’t you find that certain marketers just resonate with you? When you get their emails, you read them. When they tell you to click somewhere, you click. And when they put out a product, you buy it.

Why? Because you like the way they make you feel. You like their style, their humor, their motivation… whatever it is, you just LIKE them.

Why did you like a certain teacher in school? Why do you like your friends? Your spouse? Maybe you don’t know why, you just know that you do. It’s the same way for your customers.

If they like you, they will read what you write. They’ll subscribe to your emails and read them. They’ll follow you on social media. They might even promote you. And yes, they will BUY most ALL of your stuff.

Not because they want more stuff, but because they like YOU and the way your stuff makes them feel. When you brand yourself in such a way that you connect with your readers, you no longer have to worry if your products will sell or if your affiliate recommendations will work.

Your coaching program will sell out. Your webinars will be packed. Your products will be winners.

And you don’t have to worry about sales any longer. Just focus on being the best YOU that you can be for your customers, and everything else will take care of itself.

So how do you brand yourself?

You might take a course on branding. You might look at branding leaders, too. Most of all, take a look at your strengths. What are you good at? How do you best communicate? What are your interests?

If your niche is IM and you’re into extreme sports, how can you combine the two to resonate with people just like you?

If your niche is health and you’re very much into spirituality, can you combine the two to create your persona?

I’m not suggesting you reinvent yourself. I am suggesting you combine what it is that makes you, YOU, with your niche.

Here’s some examples…

The Hippy Gardener
The Globe Trotting Marketer
The Spiritual Carpenter

Now, you might be thinking this is a bad idea because it will turn some people off. I have news for you – no matter what you do, there will be people who don’t like you. And that’s a GOOD thing. Because those who do like you will be all the more loyal.

Sell yourself first. Find your followers and build your tribe. And everything else in your business will naturally fall into place.

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