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Case Study: $2,500/Month with No Website

As always, your numbers and results might vary, but here’s what Rainy (not her real name) is achieving with one day of work per week…

Case Study: $2,500/Month with No Website

She creates a product each week which she then sells to just 25 people at $25 each. Limiting the number of copies sold creates scarcity, and she usually sells out in about half a day.

You can do this if you have an internet marketing list or an internet marketing social media group. The point is you need an audience to offer this to, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be a list.

In Rainy’s case she doesn’t even have a website. When she offers the product each week, she does it through a Facebook Group and her own small list. She instructs buyers to send her the money through PayPal and then post on Facebook that they’re in.

This creates excitement as people see the copies are being snapped up. Anyone on the fence about buying realizes they better jump in quick or they’ll lose out.

The product Rainy creates each week is a directory of the top offers in online marketing for the week. She gives the names, URL’s, descriptions, conversion rates, backgrounds of the authors and her own personal insights. This information is super valuable to anyone who promotes internet marketing products to their list.

But it’s also valuable to the people on these lists, which is why Rainy gives PLR rights to the weekly directory. Buyers can give it away or sell it without rights, and they know it won’t be saturated because only 25 copies are sold.

At least a couple of her regular customers offer these reports as freebies to get internet marketers to join their list, and it’s quite effective. Essentially, they are paying $25 every week or two to provide fresh, timely content to their new subscribers.

Of course, if you want to follow this business model, you don’t necessarily need to write about the latest offering in online marketing. Anything that is timely and of interest to others has potential.

And if you find that your weekly offerings are selling well, you might consider launching them into a paid membership, too, for even more money.

Are You Overwhelming Your Visitors?

I just visited the site of an EXCELLENT marketer who knows his stuff. But…

Are You Overwhelming Your Visitors?

Here’s what happened. I’d clicked over to one of his blog posts. Black background, BIG long hard to read headline. Okay, it’s a little much, but I can handle that.

Wait, there’s a banner across the bottom in bright blue. Hmmm, I’m leaning towards the screen, trying to figure what it says and what it means when…


A bright pop up covers the entire right side of the screen, causing me to jump back from the computer. Too much.

I hadn’t totally grasped the headline when I spotted the banner. I was still trying to decipher the banner when the pop up appeared.

What next? Lions and tigers and bears doing a jig across the screen?

Three headlines and I can’t tell you what any of them said because I kept getting interrupted.

Does your site distract and overwhelm visitors?

I hope not. 😊

Remember the KISS rule for success. Keep it simple, stupid. It is principle which states that designs and/or systems should be as simple as possible. Wherever possible, complexity should be avoided in a system—as simplicity guarantees the greatest levels of user acceptance and interaction.

Your website will likely create far better results, and more conversions if you keep it simple for your users. Keep this in mind, and have a re-look at your own website and sales pages to see where you might be muddying the water for your visitors, and how you can simplify to increase the results you want.

Do You Think You Stink at Writing?

One of the biggest obstacles holding you back from success online could be the fear that your writing is lousy. But let me ask you… can your readers understand your meaning?

Do You Think You Stink at Writing?

Or are they as flummoxed as I was when I read this YouTube comment?

The unwieldy downtown conjecturally suffer because belt seemingly buzz vice a jumbled goose. scandalous, adhesive september

I don’t know if this came from one of the early bots, or perhaps someone who knows no English but received a dictionary for his birthday, or just someone who drank a few too many.

Whatever the case, it received two replies (both positive!) within three days and I’m betting your writing is better than that.

So, stop sweating your writing skills and just write. You’ll find the more you do it, the better you get.

And have fun. If you don’t find at least some pleasure in creating your posts and products, maybe you’re in the wrong niche.

Content marketing isn’t supposed to be that hard. After all, if you find that your belt seemingly buzzes vice at a jumbled goose in a scandalous manner, then sticking to September might be the right move after all. 😉

Relax. Have fun. Make some mistakes.

And just write.

Are Guarantees LOWERING Your Sales?

Refunds cut into your sales, right? And they’re darn annoying, too. You work so hard on your product and then someone tells you that it’s not worth their money. Sigh.

Are Guarantees LOWERING Your Sales?

But we have to offer guarantees to keep our conversions high, right? Maybe not, because human psychology is a strange thing.

Let’s say you sell a $1,997 course with a full 60 day money back guarantee. What your guarantee has inadvertently done is tell your customer that it’s in their best interest to sell themselves against your course and get their money back.

And some of them will do exactly that.

But if you don’t offer a refund and instead demonstrate how valuable your product or service has been to others, how they’ve used it to get results and how there is nothing else like it on the market, then maybe you don’t need a guarantee.

After all, a guarantee is supposed to be a way of showing that your product WORKS. But if you can demonstrate that users get actual proven results, isn’t that so much better than an offer to refund their money?

It’s something to consider. You can either let your customers convince themselves that your product isn’t worth what they paid…

… or you can demonstrate up front that this is the bargain of a lifetime and you want serious buyers only.

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